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Brake Fluid Flush

Critical, but often overlooked maintenance service. We use only BG DOT 4 Ultra Dry Flushing Formula

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 220 US dollars
  • Summerfield and Son

Service Description

Brake fluid is hydroscopic, it naturally absorbs water. This is damaging because 1) It lowers the boiling point of the fluid. This can create trapped air within the hydraulic braking system. A soft, spongy pedal is usually noticed. This could increase stopping distance, especially in emergency braking scenario. 2) Most brake lines and hydraulic components are made of copper which will corrode and could create any number of braking failures. Also special rubber components may deteriorate and other breaking issues may occur. No more than 1% of H2O is acceptable and most manufacturers recommend brake fluid replacement every 2 years or every 24k miles.

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