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Heavy Carbon

Carbon Intake Cleaning

This procedure can literally save you thousands on the only other option for repair.

  • 5 hours
  • Starting at $300
  • Summerfield and Son

Service Description

Direct Injection Gasoline engines have greatly improved power and gas mileage, however, a serious problem is the carbon build up left behind on the engine valves. This is usually repaired by removing engine heads and servicing them. A very expensive job. We offer a service that is minimally invasive, requiring only the intake manifold be removed. Then a cleaning process using chemicals, media and fuel servicing is performed and will completely clear all carbon from the valves. Carbon build up like this can cause random misfires, cold start misfires, poor performance, poor fuel mileage or check engine lamp. If you do not perform a fuel/carbon service every 15-20k miles, this will have to be done at some point.

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