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Check Engine on, Drivability Performance issues, Vibrations, Noises, and any other concerns.

  • 1 hour
  • Starting at $62.50
  • Summerfield and Son

Service Description

Diagnosing your vehicle has likely been a nightmare with most auto shops out there. This is my area of expertise. I do NOT use the "Shotgun" approach and hope it fixes your issue. I will verify the cause of the problem and repair only what is needed. I use the most advanced lab scope techniques and factory scan tools. All findings will be explained in simple, understandable language. Walking a customer through the "How's and Why's" of a problem is how I approach any diagnostic of your vehicle. The $50 charge is to give a basic understanding of the problem, visually inspect, retrieve codes and search TSB's. After this a game plan can be made to find the source problem. Specific additional testing can then be added to verify system faults. Note: This will be an additional diagnostic charge that will vary greatly depending on where the fault is. However, most problems are usually solved within the half hr. timeframe. Each test must be paid for if it leads to verification or not. Diagnostics is a testing procedure, and some faults are intermittent and cannot be found during the testing period.

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