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Fuel System and Intake De-Carbon Service

Service every 15-20K miles on any new engine.

  • 1 h
  • 190 US dollars
  • Summerfield and Son

Service Description

Most modern engines run using less fuel. A lean air to fuel ratio is a perfect scenario to create carbon buildup. Direct Injection fuel systems do not have the benefit of the gasoline and its detergents flowing over the intake valves. This creates heavy carbon build up leading to misfires, loss of fuel mileage, and many other failures. If Direct Injection fuel delivery engines have not had this service performed regularly, we would have to perform our proprietary minimally invasive carbon cleaning to rid the engine of misfires, poor fuel mileage, performance or check engine light. Photos in the gallery give an example of un-serviced intake valve carbon build up. This service is the single best way to keep modern engines running at peak performance. Use this web address to see directly from the manufacturer. Also, see our carbon cleaning service for more information on heavy carbon build up. See link below for video from BG about carbon cleaning. Last note about service: if spark plugs are at end of life, if carbon buildup heavy and very thick, this service could make misfires or other engine running issues.

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